Wine – 2002 Merryvale Starmont Cabernet

2002 Merryvale Starmont CabernetI picked this one up last night because I did a hard road ride and had a craving for protein… in the form of a nice big steak. Cabernet and steak: a match made in heaven. Problem with this theory is that not all Cabernets can actually stand up to a good steak… and this, unfortunately is one of those.

I’ve had some wines I’ve absolutley loved from this winery, so maybe I’ll give a future vintage another try. This was perfectly good, but lacked that oomph you look for from a really good Cab. It had none of the grippy tannins that would have helped with the bit of fat in steak that normally compliments a good wine. It was like a vanilla Cab. – all nice and normal, with no standout character. It would be nice with some bread and maybe some Brie.

I just expected more for the $39 this one cost (gotta’ love the tax we pay up here). C’est la vie… It’s all part of trying wines. You win some and you lose some… This wasn’t necessarily a loss, but more like a game where the Canucks play Minnesota: even if they win, you want to forget about the game because it was just boring to watch.

2.5 stars

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