2000 Paitin Barbaresco, Sori Paitin

Big pillowy drifting flakes fill the sky here in Vancouver tonight. Winter may technically be over, but someone forgot to tell the Big Guy up there… I was just starting to get into the idea of road cycling a few times a week and now I’m looking out on white streets. Spring turned into Winter in a matter of hours. I really need to move somewhere warmer. What happened to global warming dammit?

OK, so what better thing to do tonight than write up a great red wine (OK, I could think of a few things)… We drank this the night before I left Italy and it was one of the better wines I had while was there. I bought it on a suggestion from Paolo at the Banco de Vino in Pollenzo. God bless him.

What else can I say, but holy crap? This wine was pretty much everything I want in a Barbaresco (or a wine, for that matter). The nose was all berries, cherry liqueur, violets and tar. The flavours were amazing – open berry fruit, with the sexy cherry liqueur and an insanely long finish that led to the next sip (and with this, how long could I wait, really?). This wine is the shit, frankly. It just drank so well. I’m sure it could age, but wow… I want to drink it every night.

If you can find it, give it a go. I’d be surprised if you don’t love it.

~ 30 Euros, if you can find it.

4 1/2 stars

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