2004 Flavio Roddolo Nebbiolo d’Alba, DOC

So, this is the first of the Piemontese wines I brought back from my trip to Italy that I’ve cracked open. That boy Flavio (that’s him in the pic) – he rocks. Seriously… not only is he a really nice guy, he just happens to produce some of the best wine I’ve tasted in the last year.

Since I got back, I’ve really missed the Nebbiolo grape. It makes pretty much my favourite wines – Barolos and Barbarescos. Even when it’s done in the fruitier, less complex Nebbiolo d’Alba style (Nebbiolo d’Alba requires only 1 year of aging vs. 3 for Barolos and 2 for Barbarescos), it can really rock my world.

This one gives up a nose of ripe cherry, plum and walnut (yes, I picked that up). A happy sip gave me a mouthful of all that ripe cherry, some spicy licorice and a loooonnngg walnut-y finish that had a healthy dose of tannins to give the whole package some great structure. This is a wine that reminds me what I love about the wine in Piedmont’s Langhe.

It could really be aged for a while. Though it drinks pretty bloody well now, I’d say it would easily go another 5-10 years.

If you’re lucky enough to find some, grab it and go home with a smile on your face – you’ll like what you’ve bought.

~20 euros.

4 1/2 stars

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