Time for some ZINS! 2005 Seghesio Cortina Zinfandel, Dry Creek Valley & 2004 Mazzocco Stone Ranch Zinfandel, Alexander Valley

Approaching the 500th post on Vinifico.com, Sean ventured out to the ‘burbs this past weekend to enjoy some slow-smoked ribs and some amazing Zinfandel. The theme for the evening could be summed up with his words “F**k I love Zinfandel.”

After seven plus hours on the grill, the ribs were ready and the zins stood by. The first wine we chose was the 2005 Seghesio Cortina Zinfandel, Dry Creek Valley. On our last trip to Sonoma we had a great visit there and tasted the full gamut of their wines. It’s always nice to have a wine along with which you can reminisce about the great people who make ’em.

The Cortina had great mineral and raspberry on the nose with some red plum and a hint of fumes from the booze. A few slurps as we tucked into the ribs brought jammy red fruit that was an amazing match with the spicy rub and light sauce. The finish was really interesting, lots of savory, pepper with medium tannins and a nice refined length. A superb complement to dinner and what a start! 4 Stars ($54.99 at Liberty Wine Cellars).

The second wine was the 2004 Mazzocco Stone Ranch Zinfandel, Alexander Valley. I picked this up when I was in Seattle at Esquin Wine Merchants. They have a great selection and excellent staffers who will help you find some gems. Check ’em out if you’re down there.

We met the winemaker, Antoine Favero at ZAP back in January. He enthusiastically took us through all of his outstanding wines, impressing the hell out of us with each one. We were definitely looking forward to this one.

As this one was poured, it was all deep purple velvet. A few sniffs gave us rich cedar and sweet blackberry that quickly knocked out any spice left over from the ribs. The minute this one hit our tongues; it was blueberry/blackberry goodness that went on and on. After a while, some briar and pepper joined the mix as we sat and slowly savored this gem. So balanced despite the rather intimidating 16.9% booze. Sure it was big, but not over the top at all. 4.5 stars ($25.99 USD).

Plain and simple, some Zinfandel bliss as the sun went down.


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