2006 Giant Wine Company “Sinner’s Punch” Red Wine, Columbia Valley

So many of the Columbia Valley wines I’ve tasted over the last while are big rich Bordeaux Blends.  I really love ‘em, but when I spotted this one on my recent trip to Seattle, I had to give the 90% Syrah 10% Cabernet blend a go.

Big and black in the glass, a sniff brought some fresh cracked pepper into play with nice black plum and bit of mint and brown sugar.  Definitely both grapes at work here.  A few tasty sips and I was in jammy black cherry and plum bliss.  Mouth-filling to say the least, it certainly belies the $13.99 price tag.  The finish was nice and full with more sweet spice and and a medium acidity.  Good stuff, complementing a nice burger on the BBQ while sitting in the backyard.

Summer’s not done yet and BBQ season never ends.

$13.99 at Esquin Wine Merchants.

3 1/2 stars
(leaning toward 4)

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